Sex & Dating: A Guide To Relationships For Teens And Young Adults Y Dave Burrows By David Burrows

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His days were spent in drugs, violence, sexual promiscuity and crime. After several close encounters with the law, Dave, through the influence of his brother-in-law Pastor Robyn Gool, accepted Christ and went on to graduate from Oral Roberts University. Dave Burrows has mentored and coached many individuals to personal and business success and continues to serve as both an inspirational and motivational speaker and life coach. Dawn Murphy was stunned when hundreds of bikers from across the region drove past the care home ‘within hours’ of issuing a plea on social media. Contact results show Our system indicates that there are other records for Amy Burrows available with a premium report, continue to a full report below. Social media profiles request you to unlock a premium report.

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It provides simple practical information that if followed will lead to lasting meaningful relationships and reduce much of the heartache and pain that teens and young adults endure. This book is a result of years of experience by the author in dealing with youth as a Youth Pastor, counselor and parent. In this book Dave Burrows provides the reader with an insightful look into the do’s and dont’s, the why’s and the how’s of sex and dating. This book is indeed a journey into everything that is necessary to avoid the mistakes of past generations and to chart a course for sound sexual understanding and communication.