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The book describes the family living in Jeddah without air conditioning or refrigeration, treating asthma with honeycombs and onions, and eventually moving to stone huts in Tora Bora without electricity or running water in 1996. Why can’t women of a “certain age” fall head-over-orthopaedic-heels in love with a younger fella? I want to rewrite The Graduate and make sure Mrs Robinson gets to keep her college boy. You will never use our site to abuse or humiliate other members.

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The meditative motion, the gentle clicking of needles, the relaxing knitting circles—it’s no wonder this craft is a stress-relieving hobby. On the other hand, find out the habits you never knew were aging your brain. Here’s another way Fido can help your brain—by getting you outdoors. A study published in 2015 in Landscape and Urban Planning shows that being in nature has apositive effect on cognitive function.

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I personally have always held the view an older man wants a younger woman because he thinks they’re easier to impress and manipulate. A study published in 2017 in Behavioural Brain Research suggests that a type of talk therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy may help prevent Alzheimer’s. CBT can ease depression and improve sleep—two risk factors for dementia. With CBT, you learn how to redirect your brain away from negative or distracting thoughts. Scientists are just beginning to understand how the collection of good bacteria in your GI tract, known as the gut microbiome, influences your brain.

Much of the research on the “gut-brain axis” in relation to the development of Alzheimer’s has been observed in rodents. But new studies in humans, including one published in 2017 in Scientific Reports, are also revealing a connection between the type of bacteria in the gut and the likelihood of Alzheimer’s. Although probiotics, which aim to balance your gut bacteria, haven’t yet been proven to protect brain health, it may be worth giving them a try—or eating probiotic-rich foods like yogurt or sauerkraut. Learning lines for a production or an acting class engages the hippocampus, the temporal cortex, and the frontal lobe, says Dr. Kosik. In one seminal study published in Neuropsychology, Development, and Cognition, people who went to acting classes twice a week for four weeks boosted their ability to remember words, numbers, and short stories. A 2013 study published in Experimental Aging Research found that acting classes helped improve word fluency by 12 percent and word recall by 19 percent.

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The thought of living alone made me nervous, and setting up a home seemed the most practical way of avoiding this. Many people in the comments on their videos have left brutal remarks about the sincerity of their relationship. Some claim Qurann must be with her because she’s rich, while others have characterized him as a caretaker for a woman on the verge of death.

I’ve reviewed a lot of dating books on Hack Spirit and a new one just came to my attention. The Devotion System by Amy North is a welcome addition to the online world of relationship advice. The person you are with today is not going to the be the person you are with next year, five years from now, or on your deathbed. Age does matter when it comes to having a successful relationship so be sure to give it the time it needs so you can plan ahead of time for these life events. You also need to have things in common and be in similar places in your lives to make a go of a long-term relationship.

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You know what a bad night’s sleep can do to your focus the next day. Over the years, regular sleep deprivation can raise your risk of dementia, suggests a study published in 2018 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “During sleep, your brain literally cleans out some of the toxicity that has built up from stress or agitation,” Dr. Chapman says. “Without good sleep, we see increased anxiety and stress. Sleep is restorative, helping you be more mentally energetic and productive. Even a quick nap helps.” Just keep daytime snoozing to about an hour, as longer than an hour and a half may be detrimental to your noggin, according to a study published in 2016 in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.