Our Story

“BAUCH” upholds decades of reputation in strengthening the bond between a mother and her baby. BAUCH is a leading brand as it prioritizes every need of the baby, offering a variety of apparel from cozy baby jeans to sensible baby pajamas. Admiring the love between a mother and her baby, BAUCH provides preciously created and carefully hand-picked combed cotton garments for babies. BAUCH children’s wear is the dream child of Mr. Biju P Jose, based in Kerala, India. His vision of achieving an excellent rate of client satisfaction lead the way to the success that BAUCH now enjoys.

What makes us Different?

Everything your baby might need, we’ve already thought of it. Baby-friendly choices like expandable shoulder straps that help guide clothing over baby’s head or rompers that snap from high to toe or even if you desire just a simple wardrobe change for your little one, we have that too. BAUCH toddlers’ and kids’ clothes are created with unmatchable quality. From darling dresses to mix and match sets or even to comfortable pajamas, BAUCH makes dressing babies a pleasurable affair. Trusted by several since 1990, BAUCH has a variety of quality clothes which will satisfy the tastes of all.


We’re determined to pioneer the change towards a sustainable fashion and style business. Our clients facilitate us on this journey by creating conscious selections and by taking care of the clothes with a sustainable approach. We are committed to continually create unique fashion trends and style to suit the global perspective. We focus on a circular approach in order to become a distinctive company not by chance, but by choice.


Looking good while doing good is what we go by. That is what our sustainability is all about — ensuring our customers have reason enough to wear our product proudly while being aware of all our actions. They shall experience exceptional service as we provide their beloved ones with the look that they deserve – THE BEST.


Our Mission is to standardize the baby-wear industry with a qualitative approach in supplying safe and comfy vesture choices for babies. Our online store is the place for you to find the most novel gifts, clothing, and toys for your special little someone. At BAUCH, we’ve got a powerful sense of community and a reputation of excellent customer service. We ensure that we constantly give back to our customers and our community, just as much as they provide for us.

Inspired by our vision and mission, we build on our heritage of kids clothing to give kids unparalleled comfort all day long. We take the chance to use each dimension of our business to form a positive impact, which means leveraging our size, scale, and core strengths to make a beloved brand for our groups, our customers, and for our very little angels who use our product. We produce garments that enrich people’s lives by attempting to answer the basic questions of “Why do we get dressed?”, “Why do babies need an improved attire?” or “Why do babies want a comfortable dress?” The business environment is dynamic. Online sales are getting progressively necessary as more shoppers use the Internet to instantly analysis the newest fashion trends and then shop online. Consequently, we have grown dynamic too. We do this by developing a customer-centric supply-chain operation that facilitates concurrent cloth-making processes from designing to retail. We also revolutionize each of our core plants and produces structure to the way our staff works. As a paramount digital-powered merchandiser, we listen to the feedback our customers offer us to swiftly produce and supply the precise product they require, while engaging them in relevant and exciting ways. The only promise I make now is that we will give the best care for your little angel – Through their joy, YOU will FEEL THE CARE !


Director of Operations

We make ethically produced premium standard children’s attire, creating confident babies in comfortable clothes. We also aspire to be a socially impactful business which spreads the message of being protective about our children’s lives by making sure that they are comfortable at all times. BAUCH is an intentionally-crafted to inspire independence and confidence in babies while providing comfort all day, every day. We don’t use harmful dyes or deadly chemicals. We buy the best fiber directly from the farmers across the country and we do the processing, weaving, knitting and assembling of the final output at our own factory and during no step is there a compromise on quality. Be it knit or weaved, we use the best fiber to carve various counts from single jersey, double jersey, denim and tabbinet. The corporate conducts rigorous quality and safety checks concerning our quality standards. BAUCH provides clean and safe operating conditions that enables our product to standout within the crowd in more ways than one.


Director of Production

Since the time we began in 1990, we’ve fully grown from being a tiny supplier of baby garments in Ernakulum, Kerala to being an online retailer today. Today we are a kids’ vesture merchandiser with renowned brands who also enjoys a loyal client base of parents and children. Our entire team has strived to deliver even the simplest client experiences in an unforgettable manner. We’ve collaboratively helped the parents celebrate childhood by providing prime quality, fun vesture that allowed their children to play, relax, or get messy in. Over the years our gifted staff have designed brands that parents, grandparents, and kids love and feel a deep emotional connection to. The BAUCH website will focus on making certain that we deliver the exceptional service which you have the full right to expect from us. We thank our staff who have made this company their pride. We are also grateful to you our customers for your support, loyalty, patience, and for all the pleasant memories you’ve shared with us over the years. It is with your blessing that we move forward.


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Why Choose us



We know that becoming a parent can be a daunting experience. That’s why we go the extra mile by ensuring that our team receive specialized product training so that they know our products as well as you will get to know your little one. Let us help you choose the right product for your family and your lifestyle
At Bauch , we’re all about babies. We’ve always got our eye on quality and safety, exploring all the options to help your little one get up on his or her feet. By focusing solely on baby products, we bring you our Everyday Low Prices and make sure your bundle of joy gets the best possible start to life.

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Have another questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Have another questions? Please don’t hesitate to aks us.

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